Where are Ventra Vending Machines?

Ventra vending machines are self-service kiosks located at CTA rail stations and select Pace bus terminals in the Chicago metropolitan area. These machines allow customers to purchase and reload Ventra card, as well as add value to their existing cards.

At CTA Rail Station, Ventra vending machines are typically located near the station entrance or on the station platform. They are designed with a blue and white color scheme, and are easily recognizable with the Ventra logo displayed prominently on the front. These machines accept cash, credit, and debit cards as forms of payment.

To use a Ventra vending machine, customers must first select their language preference on the touchscreen display. The display will then guide the customer through the process of selecting the desired fare product or adding value to an existing card. The customer can then insert their payment method, such as cash or a credit/debit card, into the machine. The machine will then dispense the purchased card or reload the existing card with the added value.

At select Pace bus terminals, Ventra vending machines are located inside or outside the terminal building. They are similar in design to the machines at CTA rail stations, and also accept cash, credit, and debit cards as forms of payment.

Customers can also find Ventra vending machines at the Ventra Customer Service Center located at 567 W. Lake Street in Chicago. This center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and offers additional services such as registering a Ventra card, resolving account issues, and obtaining a reduced-fare permit.

How to Find Locations for Your Vending Machines

Finding the right locations for your vending machines is an important step in running a successful vending business. Here are some tips for finding locations for your vending machines:

Overall, finding the right locations for your vending machines is a crucial part of running a successful vending business. By conducting market research, identifying high-traffic areas, contacting property owners and managers, attending trade shows, and using vending machine locator services, you can increase your chances of finding profitable locations for your vending machines.

How to Find Ventra Vending Machines Locations? Locator Services

Vending Machine List of Locations:

Here is our list of possible locations where vending machines could be located:

List of Locations:
Amusement Park
Apartment Building
Assisted Living Center
Auto Brake Shop
Auto Dealership
Bingo Hall
Bowling Alley
Bus Station
Business Office Building
Car Wash
College/ University
Community Center
Computer Store
Dental Office
Department Store
Doctor’s Office
Driver’s License Division
Dry Cleaner
Fire Station
Fraternity/ Sorority
Furniture Store
Gift Shop
Golf Course Lounge
Government Office
Health Club
Humane Society
Ice Skating Rink
Industrial Park
Manufacturing Plant
Medical Building
Meeting Hall
Military Reserve/ Guard Center
Military Enlistment Office
Military Treatment Facility
Miniature Golf
Motor Vehicle Division
Motorcycle Shop
Muffler Shop
Night Club
Nursing Home/ Retirement Home
Oil & Lube Center
Police Station
Private School
Public Utility Office
Railroad Station
Recreation Center
Rental Yard
Rest Stop Facility (off Highway)
Roller Skating Rink
Senior Center
Shopping Center
Ski Resort
Stock Brokerage
Telemarketing Office
Tire Store
Tourist Attraction
Truck Stop
Trucking Company
Veteran’s Affairs Facility
Veterinary Office
Waiting Room (any kind)
Youth Center

Vending Machine Locator App

These vending machine locator apps can be useful for both vending machine operators and customers looking for vending machines in their area.

Should You Hire a Vending Locator?

There are basically two ways to obtain vending locations: you can find them yourself, or you can hire a vending locator to do the work for you. I have done it both ways and can tell you that both ways can be right or wrong for you depending on how you approach the task.

Vending locator service

If you are going to locate yourself, there are a few questions you should ask yourself, such as:

If you answered “no” to two or more of these questions, then locating yourself may not be the right solution for you. Finding good locations takes a good sales pitch, good people skills, self-motivation, and time. Another great tool that many vending guys recommend is having a local charity in which you sponsor. I will discuss this in a future blog posts. For now, I will say that most of my prized locations are ones that I found on my own. I have found locations by making cold phone calls as well as just walking into the business and talking to the manager in person.

Both ways can be effective. If you are a regular customer of that business and they know that, then your chances of getting in will increase 10-fold. Don’t be afraid to ask as you are leaving your gym when you are done working out, or when you’re shopping for a new car. Sometimes these impromptu opportunities are the best and take no effort at all. Lastly, you need to hit up your friends. Whether they are the business owner or an employee, they will have the ability to get you into their business and they can keep an eye on your machine for you too.

If you don’t have any friends, don’t like making the cold calls yourself, or if you just don’t have the time for it, then you should consider hiring a vending locator. I have tried this mechanism and there are lots of great vending locators out there. I would Google ‘vending locator’ and call around to find the vending locator that will best serve your needs. Be sure to ask for references so you can find out the quality of their work.

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