How Much Does CTA Pass Cost For 1-30 Days?

Our 1-Day, 3-day, 7-day, or 30-day unlimited-ride passes allow you to take advantage of limitless rides on all CTA buses and trains. These passes activate upon your first use and remain valid for the entire duration from that moment.

To acquire your pass, you can conveniently load it onto your Ventra Card or personal, contactless bankcard at Ventra Vending Machines or through hundreds of Ventra retailers throughout the city.

Please keep in mind that CTA unlimited-ride passes are not transferrable for use on other agencies' services, unless explicitly stated.

For the best value during your travels, our unlimited-ride passes are the most cost-effective option. The more you ride, the more you save with unlimited rides!

CTA Bus Pass Cost (1 to 30 days)

Pass Type Price
1-Day CTA Pass $5
3-Day CTA Pass $15
7-Day CTA Pass $20
7-Day CTA/Pace Pass* $25
30-Day CTA/Pace Pass* $75
*Note: The 7-Day CTA/Pace Pass and 30-Day CTA/Pace Pass are valid for unlimited rides on CTA and Pace buses and trains.

How Much Does CTA Pass Cost For 1-30 Days

How Long Does a One Day CTA Pass last?

You can buy a one-day CTA pass, also known as a Visitor Pass, at any Ventra vending machine located at CTA rail stations, O'Hare International Airport, Midway International Airport, or at various retail locations throughout the city.

1) To purchase a one-day CTA pass at a Ventra vending machine, simply insert cash, credit or debit card, and select "1-Day Pass" from the list of options.

2) To find retail locations where you can purchase a one-day CTA pass, look for the Ventra logo in the window or ask the cashier if they offer Ventra services.

3) You can also purchase a one-day CTA pass using the Ventra App or online at the Ventra website, and then load it onto a Ventra Card or personal, contactless bankcard.

However, note that it may take up to 24 hours for the pass to become active after purchase online or in the app.

How To Reload CTA Bus Pass?

There are several ways to reload your CTA pass, depending on the type of pass you have. Here are some options:

It's important to note that some types of passes, such as the 1-Day Pass, can only be purchased at a Ventra Vending Machine or retail location, and cannot be reloaded.

How Long Does a One Day CTA Pass last?

A one-day CTA pass is valid for unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains for a period of 24 hours from the first time it is activated. The pass activates upon the first use and will expire exactly 24 hours later, regardless of how many times it was used during that time.

For example, if you first use your one-day CTA pass at 10:00 am on a Monday, it will be valid until 9:59 am on Tuesday. If you use it again at 4:00 pm on Monday, it will still expire at 9:59 am on Tuesday, and cannot be used for additional rides after that time.